Grand Opening for my SVG Shop & Rewards Program!

Frequent Buyer Rewards for SVG Files

Welcome welcome welcome!

And THANK YOU for helping me kick off my Board & Batten Design SVG Shop GRAND OPENING!

One of the things I wanted most and was able to do, was have a rewards program for my customers (you!).Frequent Buyer Rewards for SVG FilesAre you READY?

STEP 1 – Sign Up for the Rewards Program

You’ll get 400 points JUST for signing up. To sign up, visit the SVG Shop, create an account, and on the lower right, you’ll see your “rewards points” balance.

(did you already sign up before the grand opening and only got 200 points? Never fear – just contact me with your name & email address and I’ll credit you the points, just because you’re awesome ❤️)


Get double Rewards points for EVERYTHING until Sept 19. Stuff like…

  1. Following me on social media
  2. Repinning my SVGs
  3. commenting on my social media & blog posts
  4. Sharing my SVGs on social media
  5. And more!

Once you’ve signed up for an account and you’ve clicked that “rewards” icon, you’ll get a popup that gives you a few options. Click “rewards” again (this time on the lower left of the popup) and there is a WHOLE LIST of things you can do.


From the main rewards screen, click “referral” at the top and it will show you a referral code. You can give this as your discount code to your friends and if they use your code, they get 10% off their first purchase and you get 200 points!

step 4 – get credit for Etsy orders

If you have ordered from me (Board & Batten) from my Etsy shop in the past, you can get points for those orders!

At the very top of the list of rewards, you’ll see a field where you can enter in your Etsy order numbers and get credit for them. Do it now and remember, double points until Sept. 19th!


Daily challenges are fun! Each day, there will be a task posted. It will be SUPER simple, will just take minutes, and you’ll get an easy 100 points.

To view the challenges, click on the “hi, (your name)” on the upper right of the rewards menu and select “challenges.” You’ll see a list of all the challenges and the “play” option will be available for each challenge that is ready.

  • 100 points – Daily Challenge Thursday 9/14 [POSTED]
  • 100 points – Daily Challenge Friday 9/15 [POSTED]
  • 100 points – Daily Challenge Saturday 9/16
  • 100 points – Daily Challenge Sunday 9/17
  • 100 points – Daily Challenge Monday 9/18
  • 100 points – Daily Challenge Tuesday 9/19

Note: You can do the challenges anytime after they are posted, not just the day they are posted.

And that’s it, folks! Remember, you can get $1 in coupons for every 100 points, so that’s a lotta SVGs you can earn! Thank you SO much for joining me in this fun party and happy crafting ❤️

— Bethany




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