Project Idea for Cricut/Silhouette – New Year’s Eve Burlap Champagne/Wine Bag

Ready for a quick New Year’s Eve project for your Silhouette/Cricut?

Just take a cute burlap wine bag and some HTV and you’ve got yourself a project that comes together easy peasy! It makes a great hostess gift or even just a decorative item for yourself.

This design in particular is one I created with this very project in mind – I wanted a tall narrow subway art design for New Year that I could put onto a wine bag.



  • Craft cutter (Silhouette, Cricut, etc)
  • Heat Press or Iron


  1. Pre-press your wine bag. This gets any moisture out and helps the HTV have a nice smooth surface to stick to.
    • Heat Press Settings: Temp 315-325 degrees F, press for 3-4 seconds
    • Iron Settings: Cotton (medium) setting, press for 5-6 seconds
  2. Cut and weed your HTV design, then center it on the bag. Don’t forget to reverse the design when you cut!
  3. Press the design!
    • Heat Press Settings: Temp 315-325 degrees F, medium pressure, press for 15-20 seconds
    • Iron Settings: Cotton (medium) setting, lay bag on flat hard surface and press AS HARD AS YOU CAN. Don’t move the iron around – pick it up and set it down in a new spot each time.
    • The HTV is well adhered when you can see the texture of the burlap or fabric in the vinyl like this:
  4. Remove your vinyl backing and let it cool off.

Now just put in your favorite bottle of vino or bubbly and you’re all set!

You'll love how quickly and easily this great burlap & HTV wine bag comes together. Using your Silhouette or Cricut, just cut out this ready-made design, press it onto a fabric or burlap bag and you've got yourself a fabulous hostess gift or a fun centerpiece for your own New Year's decor.

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2 thoughts on “Project Idea for Cricut/Silhouette – New Year’s Eve Burlap Champagne/Wine Bag”

    1. Hi Laurie – I don’t have a hat heat press. I have two presses – the JP12 and the Powerpress 16″ and they are both flat presses. The JP12 is by George Knight and is a pretty expensive press but is well built and has fantastic support. The powerpress was not as pricey and I got it off Amazon and I’ve had a fantastic experience with it but I know that one can be iffy since it’s coming from China.

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