As soon as I finished my Let it Snow SVG design, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!

My sister-in-law had made some cute snowman ornaments last year with clear plastic ornaments and styrofoam beads. I wanted to put this design on one, but being a fairly detailed design I wasn’t sure if I could get it onto the ornament smoothly.

But then I saw some flattened circle ornaments on Amazon, so I ordered them and made my ornament and it turned out fabulous!



  • Craft cutter (Silhouette, Cricut, etc)
  • Small funnel (or you can make one of a paper cone)


This project is simple but can be messy, so watch those styrofoam balls!

  1. Cut, weed, and apply your design to the plastic ornament.
    • Tip: I line up my design and adhere it in the very center, and then slowly and carefully rub the vinyl onto the ornament, working with the curve gradually from the inside out.
  2. Remove the top of the ornament, fit your funnel in, and slowly pour in the styrofoam beads until the ornament is filled.
    • Note: if your styrofoam balls are getting staticky, rubbing a dryer sheet onto the funnel and the ornament will help them from jumping around.

And… all done! Easy peasy!

Create a unique “snow” filled ornament with this great Silhouette/Cricut project idea from Board & Batten! Using styrofoam beads, a fillable ornament, and my great “let it snow” SVG design, you can create a stunning (and EASY!) ornament that’s perfect for gifts, snazzing up your own tree, or to sell for some extra cash.


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