How to Ungroup Multiple Designs in Cricut Design Space
One of my most popular items, this file arrives with all letters on one SVG file

Sometimes, you’ll buy an SVG file bundle and find that instead of each design being its own file, the designs may all be on one file.

This is usually done to conserve space (as opposed to having 100+ files per zip file) but it can be frustrating to deal with, specifically if you are using it in Cricut Design Space.

In Silhouette Studio, it’s easy – just move the unwanted designs out of the cutting area and you’re done.

But in Cricut, you can’t do that. Here’s what you can do instead:


First, you’ll need to import the file and bring it into a new project.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Import the SVG file into Design Space (Upload > Upload Image > Browse > select your file > Choose > Save)
  3. Add the image to a new project
  4. Ungroup if necessary (Right Click > Ungroup)
  5. Select the unwanted design(s). I made this easier by selecting the one I wanted to keep and moved it out of the way and did a click/drag select on the rest.


Since Design Space imports images separately from actual projects, you can delete the unused designs and it won’t affect the original SVG.

All you have to do at this point is right click and delete and you’ll only have the file you want left on the project. Then, simply save the project. The original SVG with all the letters is still in your imported images, to be used whenever you want, and you will have multiple projects for each individual letter (or element that you’re using).


You can also simply “hide” the unused files which will keep them THERE.

First just group them together. You should have all the unwanted ones selected still, so just click the “group” button on the right menu (or right click and select “group”). Now, on the right hand menu, click the eye icon to the right of where it says “group.” This hides the unused files.This method will result in a single project with all the letters or designs in it, but you can hide and view them as needed. The original SVG file will remain intact just in case anything happens, but you’ll have them all on that one project.

Happy cutting! As always, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

P.S. – before you ask, yes you can buy the design I used in this article 😎
Here’s the link >> Split Monogram Bundle

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